Archaeology Department (Group)

Main fields of research:

Comprehensive study of archaeological cultures of Ancient and Middle Ages of Yakutia and adjacent territories.

Archaeology Department (Group) studies the problems of ethnogenesis and ethnic history of the Indigenous Peoples of the North-East of Asia. Reconstruction of models of their traditional cultures, including Russian old residents of the North, as well as expert and fire-rescue works on preservation of objects of historical-cultural heritage on the territory of the region.


  • Rozaliya I. Bravina
    Head of Archaeology Department (Group)
    Professor, PhD in History.
    Research interests:
    Archeology of the Middle Ages of Siberia, funeral ceremony, ethnogenesis and traditional cultures of the people of Yakutia
    mob.: +79245961056
  • Anatoliy N. Alexeev
    Director IHRISN
    Professor, PhD in History, D.Sc.
    Research interests:
    Archeology of Siberia and Far East, primitive art, ethnogenesis of the autochthonic people of the Northeast of Russia
    tel.: (4112) 354996,fax: (4112)354996
  • Victor M. Dyakonov
    PhD in History, Senior Researcher
    Research interests:
    Archeology Stone, Bronze, Early Iron Centuries and Middle Ages of Yakutia, ancient crafts, early stage of ethnogenesis of Yakuts, protection of objects of archaeological heritage
    mob.: +79241670013
  • Ekaterina A. Strogova
    PhD in History, Research Fellow
    Research interests:
    History, archeology and ethnography of Russians the old believers' groups of the Arctic regions, the problems of Genesis and ethno-cultural adaptation of these ethnographic groups
  • Valentina V. Kalinina
    Assistance Researcher
  • Ivan P. Obutov
    Assistance Researcher
  • Kliment E. Sleptsov
    Assistance Researcher
  • Tomas B. Simokaitis
    Assistance Researcher