Lexicology of Yakut Language Department (group)

Main fields of research:

Research of the semantico-functional features adjectival vocabulary, phraseological units of modern Yakut language.

Studies of the usage language metaphor in various functional styles of the Yakut speech.

Research functional and semantic peculiarities of the place names of the North-West of Yakutia.

Preparation an etymological dictionary of the Yakut language. Part III. (M, N, N', О.).

Creation data Bank of the terms of folk art, national culture, philosophy and sports.


  • Fedor N. Dyachkovskiy
    Head of Lexicology of Yakut Language Department (Group)
    PhD in Philology
    Research interests:
    Lexical semantics, lexicography, language picture of the world of Sakha
    e-mail: fedjatschkov0801@mail.ru
  • Egor I. Okoneshnikov
    PhD in Philology, D.Sc.
    Research interests:
    Lexicology, lexicography and terminology
  • Lazar A. Afanasiev - Teris
    PhD in Philology, Research Fellow
    Research interests:
    Phonosemantics, lexicography and terminology
  • Lina M. Gotovtseva
    PhD in Philology
    Research interests:
    Lxicology, lexicography, phraseology of Yakut language.
    e-mail: lingot@rambler.ru
  • Nurgun M. Ivanov
    PhD in Philology
    e-mail: nurgun.ivanov@yandex.ru
  • Albina M. Nikolaeva
    PhD in Philology
    Research interests:
    Category expressiveness in Yakut language, expressive means of language and speech.
    e-mail: aliasams@rambler.ru
  • Vladimir G. Popov
    Research Fellow
    Research interests:
    The etymology of Yakut language
    e-mail: monalk@mail.ru
  • Alexandra S. Akimova
    Research Fellow
    Research interests:
    Yakutsk sociopolitical terminological lexis
    e-mail: sikker84@mail.ru