Scientific Library

The Scientific Library is the auxiliary division which main objective is operative information and library support of research staff's activity of Institute with use of traditional information and library methods of work and electronic technologies, the organization of thematic exhibitions and exhibitions of new receipts.

Th Library Fund is widely presents the literature on the historical (archeology, ethnography, history of Siberia and the Far East) and philological Sciences (linguistics, literary studies, folklore studies).

Valuable part of the collection is works of the staff of the Institute, published in the languages of indigenous peoples of Yakutia: in Yakut language - more than 100 books on languages of peoples of the North to about 150.

Of particular value are also books devoted to Yakut heroic epos Olonkho.

For operational service of the readers is accessible through the Internet to sites, Web of Science, Scopus, EBSCOhost and other.


  • Elena A. Vasilieva
    Head of the Scientific Library