Reasearch in the institute

Current Projects

Project X.100.4.3.
Interaction of archaeological cultures and ethnic communities of Yakutia and adjacent territories.Scientific supervisor Dr. Anatoly N. Alexeev.

Project X.100.4.4.
Political, social and economic and cultural modernizations in Yakutia in a power and society context (the middle of XIX century - the 1930th).Scientific supervisor Egor P. Antonov (PhD).

Project X.100.4.7.
The Asian Arctic in a context of political and socio-cultural transformations of XX - the beginning of the XXI centuries. Scientific supervisor Dr. Sardana I. Boyakova.

Project X.100.4.6.
Ethnosocial development of the peoples Sakha (Yakutia) in the conditions of modern industrial development and change of the social and natural environment.Scientific supervisor Vanda B. Ignatyeva (PhD).

Project X.100.4.5.
Landscape and culture in the peripheral space continuum (areal research experience of cultural dialects of Turkic peoples and Tungus of the Northeast Siberia).Scientific supervisor Dr. Ekaterina N. Romanova.

Project X.106.1.5.
Poetics of literature Yakutia.Dynamics of a genre (II half of the XX - the beginning of the XXI centuries).Scientific supervisor Lidia N. Romanova (PhD).

Project X.106.1.4.
Oral tradition of the North East peoples of Siberia: textual, diachronic and typological aspects. Scientific supervisor Dr. NadezhdaV. Pokatilova.

Project X.107.1.5.
Disappearing languages of the indigenous peoples of the North: grammatical and lexical system, functioning and language impacts. Scientific supervisor Tamara E. Andreeva (PhD).

Project X.107.1.4.
Yakut language: grammatical and lexical system; functioning. Scientific supervisor Dr. Petr A. Sleptsov.