In addition to the main research activities of the Institute according to operating with law, may carry out the following kinds of activities:

1. to provide information, consulting, advertising, marketing, consulting, intermediary and other services;

2. toconduct scientific examinations on the directions of the scientific researches of Institute;

3. to carry out the ethnological, linguistic examinations, certification of objects of historical and cultural heritage of the RS (Y);

4. to carry out training on the educational program of post-graduate professional education, as well as the program additional professional education, research training, improving qualifications and retraining specialists of other departments, to provide the paid educational services to legal and physical persons;

5. services in translation of texts (from Yakut, Evenki, Even, and Yukagir languages);

6. to organize and conduct scientific and organizational events (congresses, conferences, exhibitions and the like) with attraction of resources of the participants or funds received for these purposes;

7. toread popular scientific lectures; to carry out exhibition activity;

8. to carry out bibliographic and library services.